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Sound Reel is a Finnish music & sound production company that was founded in 2004. The creative team consists of three educated and talented composers Tapani Siirtola, Joonas Naskali and Jukka Ruostila.


"Our philosphy is to always give our best with a total flexibility for our clients. We are quality driven people with a passion for sound." Read more about our team



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1) Music Composing
In any genre and style. We’re offering music composition and arranging - in games; cinematic or in-game, films, mobile devices or other media.


2) Sound Design
We do 5.1 surround mixing and high quality innovative sound effects for movies, games and media productions. Foley, native speakers and dubbing are also included to our services.


3) Game Audio Programming
We have expertise of designing sound for games, game audio DSP technologies and audio programming with different API's.