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Tapani Siirtola



+358 (0)50 5377 052

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Tapani Siirtola is a professional award-winning composer who writes emotionally driven orchestral music for games and films. Tapani's creative ability is to compose memorable melodies across a variety of styles and genres, ranging from epic action driven scores to more intimate themes for drama.


Tapani has studied classical guitar playing for eight years and learned basic tools in music theory, music analysis and playing piano.




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Joonas Naskali

composer / sound designer / music producer


+358 (0)44 530 4667

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Joonas Naskali is a composer and producer for film and game music. His previous work contains title music for national Finnish television shows, game music for various platforms and popular music.


Joonas is best at creating epic orchestral titles and interesting electronic music that backs up the story.





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Jukka Ruostila

composer / studio manager


+358 (0)44 3611 701

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Jukka Ruostila has been playing musical instruments since seven-year-old and composing original music since 1991. Jukka has produced and recorded various bands since 2001 and has done sound design and composing for games (web-, mobile- and psp), commercials and movies.


Jukka's biggest strength is the ability to compose and produce music in a wide range of styles and genres. He has done almost everything from jazz and pop to electronical music and heavy metal.