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Our Featured Clients and Previous Work


Film Scores


We have done feature film scores for Star Wreck Imperial Edition and the Beautiful Road to Albinbam. Some of the short film scores are: Path of Crime, Syvemmälle and Star Wreck: Legacy collections. We also made the song "Under the Iron Sky" for Iron Sky film's first teaser.


Game Scores


We did both music and sound design for Sony PSP game: Super Hind. Our scores can be heard in iPhone, iPad and PC casual games like; Predators, Minigore, Heroes of Kalevala, Zombie Wonderland, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor, Miriel the Magical Merchant and Battery Formula Racing to name a few.


Other Productions:


We have done jingle music for Freestyle: World Cup television shows and MTV music channel has used our music in their tv episodes. Our music have been licenced to advertisements like; Bertolli and Tappara, a Finnish ice hockey team. We made music for theatre show as well called: Puhdas Päätös.


Some of Our Clients:


Sony Computer Enterainment MTV music televisionDicework GamesWarner Home Video Moutntain SheepBertolli SärkänniemiTappara Ice Hockey Team Chat Republic GamesAirbus 10TonsChillingoEnergia Productions Ikistoori Mahtava ltd






Words from Press and Clients




"Tapani is an exceptional composer who can turn your vague ideas into a powerful soundtrack. His music for Minigore has been much praised in reviews.” -Timo Vihola, Creative Director at Mountain Sheep


"Your iTunes library is available in-game, but at first you'll want to stick with the awesome, cinematic score. It matches the tone of the game perfectly, with a quirky, dark mood that wouldn't be out of place in the Danny Elfman songbook." -Posted by Chris Reed, August 3rd, 2009 at


"The first time I played Minigore I was heavily impressed by its graphics and gameplay, it wasn't until my second time playing it that I plugged in my headphones. I was pleasantly astounded." -Posted by a Member Radish at


"Words cannot express how well written the extended Episode 1 music is. It's absolutely fantastic! I was seriously in awe when I first heard it. This has seriously got to be the best background music in the whole AppStore.


The new music sounds amazing, i feel like I'm sitting in an orchestra!" - from user reviews and comments.


Super Hind:


"Tapani is a world-class composer who can not only come up with engaging musical themes, but is also eager to push the boundaries of reactive and dynamic music which he did for our game with outstanding results.” -Kimmo Vihola, Managing Director at Mountain Sheep


“The music is excellent, with military orchestrations debited in the heat of the battle, with melodies that quickly stick to your ears. I have many times stopped to listen to some excerpts, truly memorable ones. - Rui Parreira at


"An action game such as this could not be without a solid score. It cannot be stressed enough how engaging the music in Super Hind is; the heat of battle is magnified by orchestral overtures and snatches of ethnic instruments." -AC at




"Pattern-matching puzzler Azkend's chief innovation isn't its haunting atmosphere, lilting Far Eastern soundtrack or even admittedly gorgeous presentation. (Although they are major pluses, elevating the title to that elite rank of games you can tell received the royal treatment when it comes to both manpower and production values.)"


“Tapani composed and produced music for our game "Azkend". We were very happy with the results. The atmosphere of the music was just right for our product, the quality was well above the average, and the work was completed on schedule.” -Sampo Töyssy, MythPeople


Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning:


"Tapani's working methods were immensely effective. In many cases, he would have a preview version for us the next day. Almost without exception, his vision was one hundred per cent in sync with ours. The song would reach its final form over a week or two of work, and the finished version always fitted the scene like a glove.


The soundtrack was a major factor in promoting Star Wreck from a run-of-the-mill amateur film to a worldwide internet hit. It was an amazing achievement by Tapani. I think we can expect great things from this young, enthusiastic, and productive musician." -Timo Vuorensola, Director of Star Wreck.


"..Star Wreck on myös vuoden parhaita komedioita. Leikkaus ja ohjaus ovat kohdallaan, koska niihin ei kiinnitä huomiota. Soundtrack kestää vertailun mihin tahansa amerikkalaiseen megabudjetin elokuvaan." -Pelit, Marko Ahonen.